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Videos About Eight Incredibly Transforming Feelings

The following videos present eight incredibly transforming feelings and their physical attributes. More detail on these feelings is presented in Dr. Sharon's new book "Celebrate Your Emotions: A Techno-Guide to Eight Incredibly Transforming Feelings." Download it as an e-book, or purchase as trade paperback on the  PRODUCTS page. The ultimate emotional state we strive for is JOY. However, we usually start with PAIN and through PAIN, find our way to JOY and LAUGHTER.


In this video Dr. Sharon explores the emotion of Joy. Joy is the natural outcome of every emotion. It is felt from head to toe. Joy is the emotion we all strive for.



Ambivalence is an emotion that tends to hold stress and anxiety. Ambvialence is primarily centered in the neck and upper back area. Dr. Sharon describes the physical aspects of the emotion Ambivalence in this video.

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Hostility is an emotion we all feel at one time or another. In certain circumstances, hostility is good. How we relieve hostility is also important. Dr. Sharon Gerstenzang has studied emotions and their effects both physically and mentally for over two decades. In this video, Dr. Sharon discusses the emotion of Hostility.



Pain is an emotion that if not released can cause stress and tension. Dr. Sharon Gerstenzang discusses the emotion Pain in this video and its physical aspect. Dr. Sharon also shares ways to release pain and avoid the build up of stress and anxiety.

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Hate is a strong emotion we have all felt. It is a toxic emotion. In this video on emotions, Dr. Sharon Gerstenzang discusses the emotion Hate.



Confusion interacts with all other emotions.

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Shame drives all social behavior. There is toxic shame and healthy shame. Recognizing the emotion "Shame" is the first step to freeing yourself from the toxic shame. In this video, Dr. Sharon Gerstenzang discusses the emotion Shame.



In the cycle of emotions, Pain is the starting point. We do not do anything without some sort of pain as a motivator. As we move through the circle of emotions, starting with pain, we ultimately end up with Joy which is expressed as Laughter. In this video, Dr. Sharon Gerstenzang walks us through the circle of emotions, showing how we cycle through with the ultimate goal of Joy and Laughter.

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