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This leads to a....

Dictionary of Emotions

* = See elsewhere in Dictionary for definition.

NOTE: This dictionary is very much a work in progress.
Any and all questions and comments from readers are welcome.

Emotion or (Feeling) or (Sensation). Relationship to the 22 primary emotions, or four pure emotions. SENSATION or location of sensation. Tells us...
AGGRESSIVENESS A primary emotion; pure ANGER dominating pure FEAR. Pushing, advancing; . Move ahead.
Aloofness AVOIDANCE, INDIFFERENCE. Numb pulling away. Detach.
(Ambivalence) Part of COURAGE. Shoulder, neck and jaw push-pull. Internally process pro’s and con’s of avoidance versus aggressiveness.
Pure ANGER (1) A primary emotion; one of the four pure emotions. Stationary tightening; strength. Some form of re-directing action is needed.
Anger (2) Any emotion in which the emotion of pure ANGER is dominant. Any feeling in which tightening or strength is the dominant sensation; often felt as pressure. Re-directing action is needed: the particular anger tells the particular action.
Annoyance AGGRESSIVENESS, SELFISHNESS. Pushy, grabby tension Move in and hold onto situation.
Anxiety EXICTEMENT, VIGILANCE, AVOIDANCE, PESSIMISM. High lightness agitation, also pulling away, heaviness. Deal with a situation with both good and bad possibilities.
Apathy INDIFFERENCE, HELPLESSNESS. Numb contraction. Tune out situation.
Apprehension VIGILANCE, AVOIDANCE. Tingling pulling away. Watch out for danger.
Arrogance Pride*,  IMPATIENCE, SELFISHNESS. Barely smiling with lift of chin, pressured and grasping. Accomplished, superior, disregard for opposition.
Ashamed SURPRISE, AVOIDANCE, PAIN, HELPLESSNESS, PESSIMISM. Hunching, hiding, breaking, contracting, resisting. Have broken a rule and don’t know enough to follow it.
(Assertiveness) Intuition; soul level in feeling (1)* in AGGRESSIVNESS Pushing forward of jaw. Process internal issues on moving forward.
AVOIDANCE A primary emotion; pure FEAR dominating pure ANGER. Pulling back; vibration dominating strength. Retreat from situation.
(Body) (1) Source of drives*. Peripheral nervous system (arms and legs, feet and hands); also meridians through little fingers and little toes. Respond internally to rate energy available for basic action.
Body (2) Source of drives*, passions*, intuitions*, perceptions* and expectation*. Complete matter of a living being. Respond internally and externally, head to toe.
Boredom Fatigue*, AVOIDANCE. Partially numb breaking and pulling way. Tune out on situation.
Carelessness INDIFFERENCE, IMPATIENCE, UNSELFISHNESS. Numb striking out and letting go. Inattentively strike away interference and let things go.
Chaos Intense PURE FEAR. Intense shaking, head to toe. Stop thinking. Nothing makes sense.
Coldness INDIFFERENCE, AVOIDANCE, pure ANGER. Numb pulling back with added strength. Stay strongly detached.
COMPASSION A primary emotion; a virtue; balance of UNSELFISHNESS and SELFISHNESS; balance between pure ANGER and pure HAPPINESS. Win-win manipulation; balance between grabbing and releasing. Safely help out to mutual good.
Condescension Pride*, disdain*, SELFISHNESS. Moderate smile, lifted chin, moderate pressure, mental sense of ‘not me’, grasping. Accomplished, superior, rejecting.
Confidence COURAGE, JOY. Touching, jumping. In contact, free of encumbrance, energized.
(Confusion) A feeling (1)*; the mind-spirit part of pure FEAR Shakiness in temples and forehead; may be felt as pressure Internally dislodge perceptions and expectations.
Contempt Irrational hate*, disdain*. Contracted, nauseous with extra expulsive action in upper lip and lower nose area. Extra, misguided expulsion in hated situation.
Controlling AGGRESSIVENESS, SELFISHNESS, VIGILANCE. Tingling pushing forward and holding on. Advancing and grabbing on in forcefully continued attentiveness.
COURAGE A primary emotion; a virtue; balance of AVOIDANCE and AGGRESSIVENESS; balance between pure FEAR and pure ANGER. Touch; balance of pushing toward and pulling away from . You’re in balanced contact with situation.
Depression (agitated) Simple depression*,  hostility*. Explosiveness within swamped feeling. Depressing situation ready for constructive action; handle  anger and simple depression components separately.
Depression (simple) SADNESS, PAIN, INDIFFERENCE, PESSIMISM, HELPLESSNESS. Quiet, breaking, numb, sluggish,  swamped. Stop, draw in more information, limp, slowed, pulled inward.
Despair Simple depression*, panic*.  Hotly swamped. Depressing  situation agitating for mobilization; separate depression from fear. 
Desperation Despair*, AVOIDANCE, pure FEAR, IMPATIENCE, AGGRESSIVENESS. Breaking, swamped   startled struggling. Depressing situation needing immediate action even though reactions not sufficiently sorted.
Dignity COURAGE, HUMILITY, COMPASSION. Touching, absorbing manipulation win-win. Continue best behavior toward situation with emphasis on balancing expectation of good versus bad process.
(Disappointment) Intuition; soul level feeling (1)* in PESSIMISM. Pouting very briefly. Didn’t connect with something you were going toward.
(Disdain) Soul-Mind level feeling (1)* in irrational hate*. Curling of upper lip up to nose. Something is ‘not you’.
(Dread) Heart-Soul feeling (1)* in AVOIDANCE Pulling back in shoulder and neck. Process internal holding back on addressing issues of importance and timing.
(Drive) Feeling (1)* of Body (1)*; 50% of emotion. Felt in arms, legs, hands, feet (corresponding to peripheral nervous system); also felt in meridians through little fingers to little toes. Effort immediately available for survival actions.
Embarrassment SURPRISE, AVOIDANCE, VIGILANCE, OPTIMISM. Startled, sustained tremor and tingle, grinning and pulling back yet stretching forward. You broke or are breaking a rule, you know it, and you care and can handle it.
Emotion Head-to-toe feeling with both physical and psycho-social meaning; drive* + passion* + intuition* + perception* + expectation*. Felt by entire nervous system; felt through entire Body (2). Call to action; forms memory.
Envy PAIN, lust, AVOIDANCE. Breaking, gut-grabbing, and pulling away from. Something important, not activated toward getting it.
Euphoria OPTIMISM, UNSELFISHNESS, pure HAPPINESS, JOY. Expansive without pressure. Extend and expand going with the flow.
EXCITEMENT A primary emotion*; pure HAPPINESS dominating pure FEAR. Wiggling; lightness dominating vibration. Readiness for successful action, in intended direction.
Exhaustion Intense FATIGUE Intense breaking and numbness. Stop caring immediately; turn over entirely to unconscious processing.
(Expectation) Feeling (1)* from Spirit*; 3% of emotion*. Cerebrum above brow ridge (upper head above brow ridge); also  meridian through thumbs to big toes). Plan for outcome.
Fatalism PESSIMISM, UNSELFISHNESS, INDIFFERENCE. Letting go, moving forward while resistant. Go along with undesired outcome.
Fatigue INDIFFERENCE, PAIN Breaking limpness/numbness. Seek information unconsciously, stop caring consciously.
Pure FEAR (1) A primary emotion*; one of the four pure emotions. Vibration. Energize on anything relevant in the situation; go in no direction yet.
Fear (2) Any emotion* in which the emotion of pure FEAR is dominant. Any feeling in which the sensation of vibration is dominant. Energize, and react in direction dictated by form of emotion.
(Feeling) (1) The largest category of emotional experience. The psychological meaning of  physical sensation. We are experiencing something.
(Feeling) (2) The largest category of experience; the “sixth” sense which is actually the first sense, evolutionarily. Both the physical and the psychological meaning of sensations. We are experiencing something.
Fright SURPRISE, AVOIDANCE, VIGILANCE, pure FEAR. Startle, retreat, heated, poised to react further. Energize to prepare for possibly dangerous new project/situation.
Grace HUMILITY, JOY, COMPASSION, COURAGE, PATIENCE. Jump, in slow, touching, waiting motion, into breaking feeling with win-win balance. Stay on course, in tune with project, in balance.
Grief PAIN, HELPLESSNESS, VIGILANCE, JOY, pure SADNESS Breaking jump, contracting, poised and still. Experience the loss and the memory of the value before loss.
HAPPINESS (1) A primary emotion*; one of the four pure emotions. Lightness. Go the same direction.
Happiness (2) Any emotion in which the emotion of pure HAPPINESS is dominant. Any feeling in which the sensation of lightness is dominant. Go in generally the same direction, with modifications made according to the other emotions in the mixture.
Rational Hate Disorganized blend of all 22 primary emotions. Nausea; sensation of wanting to expel through mouth. Get rid of something toxic in the situation.
(Heart) (1) Source of passions*. Spinal cord; also meridians from ring fingers to fourth toes. Assess importance to quality of life.
heart (2) Blood pump of body. Energy center for vibration in the trunk (spinal cord). Control energy dispensed to body.
HELPLESSNESS A primary emotion*; pure SADNESS dominating pure ANGER. Contraction; slumping; stillness dominating tension. Pull inward, away from dealing with situation.
(hesitance) Intuition*; Soul* level feeling (1)* in AVOIDANCE. Pulling back through neck. Pull back on inner timing.
Hostility AGGRESSIVENESS, IMPATIENCE, SELFISHNESS, pure ANGER. Pushing, flailing, grabbing strength. Attack situation.
Hypervigilance NERVOUSNESS*, VIGILANCE. Lively, alert, wiggly dodging with extra tingle. Watch out intensely and dodge, despite “ready, set” aspects of current situation.
HUMILITY A primary emotion*; a virtue; balance of OPTIMISM and PESSIMISM; balance between pure HAPPINESS and pure SADNESS. Swallowing, incorporating; balance of stillness and lightness. Immersed in situation, in now; not tug toward present or past.
IMPATIENCE A primary emotion*; pure ANGER dominating pure SADNESS. Flailing, striking out of the way; tension dominating stillness. Clear the way
INDIFFERENCE A primary emotion*; pure SADNESS dominating pure FEAR. Numbness; limpness; stillness dominating vibration. Stop caring.
Insecurity VIGILANCE, PURE FEAR, AVOIDANCE Tingling, shaky feeling of dodging or retreat. Constantly take evasive action.
Integrity COURAGE, COMPASSION. Balanced touch with win-win-manipulation. Conduct activity balancing interests of you and other(s).
Intimidated AVOIDANCE, VIGILANCE, HELPLESSNESS. Dodging, wary contraction. Full retreat outwardly and inwardly, but stay alert.
(Intuition) Feeling of the Soul*; 10% of emotion*. Sensation in neck and jaw (brain stem and upper spinal cord); also meridians from middle fingers to middle toes. Sort through information between Body and Herat versus Mind and Spirit.
Irritability AGGRESSIVENESS, IMPATIENCE. Pushing flailing. Advance, moving something out of the way.
Jealousy Lust*, PAIN, hostility*, JOY. Breaking, pushing, flailing, grabbing tension with extra grab sensation in trunk (Heart) and strong jump of completion. Take immediate, strong action to find the important part that is missing.
JOY A primary emotion*; a virtue, balance of EXCITEMENT and SURPRISE; balance between pure HAPPINESS and pure FEAR. Jump; upward lift with sensation of staying up. Something is good/great for us.
Laziness Fatigue*, AVOIDANCE, UNSELFISHNESS. Breaking, limp pulling back and letting go. Don’t put much effort in.
(lust) Passion*; Heart level feeling (1)* in SELFISHNESS. Grabbing or holding feeling in gut and/or trunk. Hold on internally to issue that is important to quality of life.
Magnanimousness UNSELFISHNESS, OPTIMISM, PURE HAPPINESS Stretching, releasing, flowing. No hold whatsoever, only giving and letting go.
Martydom Fatalism*, bliss*,  AGGRESSIVENESS. Sustained lift and glide letting go with limp, contracted, resistant sensation, pushing forward. Undesired outcome is great.
(Mind) (1) Source of perceptions. Cerebellum and lowest parts of temporal lobes and occipital lobes; also, meridians through index fingers and second toes. Organize sensory input.
mind (2) Source of expectations and perceptions. Cerebellum and cerebrum. Organize sensory input and output.
Nervousness SURPRISE, AVOIDANCE, EXCITEMENT, VIGILANCE. Startling, pulling back, staying alert while wiggling in readiness. Set to deal, but extra problem-solving energy needed.
OPTIMISM A primary emotion*; pure HAPPINESS dominating pure SADNESS. Tasting, stretching into through inertia (‘object in motion tends to remain in motion), not through effort. Stay oriented toward good outcome.
Outrage Hostility*, euphoria*. Pressured expansive.  Take immediate action to change the situation or issue in the direction you feel.
Overexcitement EXCITEMENT, OPTIMISM, AGGRESSIVENESS, SELFISHNESS. Wiggling, tasting stretching pushing forward grasping pressure. Getting ahead of situation.
Overwhelmed Intense PURE FEAR, PESSIMISM. Intense vibration, resistance. Energy high without direction.
PAIN A primary emotion*; a virtue*; balance of VIGILANCE and INDIFFERENCE; balance between pure FEAR and pure SADNESS. Breaking, yawning, opening emptiness that feels like a vacuum. Summons or draws in information.
Panic Fright*, aggressiveness*, irritability*, pain*. Dodging, tuned in, startled vibration with pushing and flailing, in reaction at least partly to a breaking
Energize and seek immediate action to reduce an at least partially unknown danger.
PATIENCE A primary emotion*; a virtue*; balance of HELPLESSNESS and IMPATIENCE; balance between pure SADNESS and pure ANGER. Waiting; balance between flailing and contracting; stillness and tension in balance. Stay engaged in action at slowed pace.
Paranoia Fright*, confusion*, pure SADNESS, hostility*. Hot, mentally jumbled, pressured and physically slowed but moderately explosive in feeling. Watch out for serious harm from unpredictable sources.
(Passion) Feeling (1)*of Heart (1)*; 30% of emotion*. Felt in trunk (corresponding to spinal cord and spinal nerves); also felt in meridians through ring fingers and fourth toes. Rates importance to you of an issue/situation.
Passivity INDIFFERENCE, PESSIMISM. Numb resistance. Don’t care to move.
(Perception) Feeling (1)* of Mind (1)*; 7% of emotion*. Felt in segment of head from under nose to brow ridge (corresponding to cerebellum, and lower parts of temporal and occipital lobes of cerebrum); also felt in meridians through index fingers and second toes. Organizes experience.
PESSIMISM A primary emotion*; pure SADNESS dominating pure HAPPINESS. Pouting, slouched; resistant through inertia (“object at rest tends to remain at rest), not through effort; stillness dominating lightness. Stay back; expect a bad outcome.
Pride Pure HAPPINESS, OPTIMISM, AGGRESSIVENESS. Smiling close-mouthed lift of chin. Superior in some way.
(Pushiness) A passion*; part of AGGRESSIVENESS. Pushing forward sensation in sternum and from between shoulder blades. Pushing forward on processing something important.
Rebelliousness AVOIDANCE, hostility*, OPTIMISM, JOY. Pressured, driven dodging jump. Moderately explosive righteousness  and strong drive to do something about it.
(Reluctance) A passion*; part of AVOIDANCE. Pulling back between shoulder blades. Pulling back on processing something important.
(Resentment) The passion*, intuition* and expectation* part of outrage*. Pressured and expansive, but without mental organization. Seek to organize situation/issue better in your mind; high importance for reaching action level.
Respect COURAGE, PATIENCE, COMPASSION. Balanced contact with slowly active participation. Continue best behavior toward situation, with emphasis on moving slowly enough.
SADNESS (1) A primary emotion*; one of the four pure emotions. Stillness. Digest information.
Sadness (2) Any emotion* in which the emotion of pure SADNESS is dominant. Any sensation in which the sensation of stillness in dominant. Digest information with added action as dictated by other emotions in mixture.
Scared Fright*, PAIN. Startle, retreat, heated up and poised to react further, with breaking sensation. Energize to prepare for painful project/situation.
Security COURAGE, PATIENCE. Touching, waiting. Perfectly okay with just now.
SELFISHNESS A primary emotion; pure ANGER dominating pure HAPPINESS. Grab, grasp, hold; tension dominating lightness. Keep something.
Self-sacrifice OPTIMISM, AGGRESSIVENESS, fatalism*. Stretching and pushing into, resistant letting go, moving forward. Something good will come of going along with something bad.
(Sensations) The physical aspect of feelings and emotions. Felt anywhere in the body (2). The physical and emotional aspects of your reaction are making bid for your conscious attention.
Shame SURPRISE, AVOIDANCE, VIGILANCE, HELPLESSNESS, PESSIMISM. Startled hunching contracting, pulling back, breaking. You have broken a rule.
Soul Source of intuition*. Brain stem; also meridians from middle fingers to middle toes. Balances input from Body and Heart with input from Mind and Spirit.
Spirit Source of expectation*. Cerebrum above horizontal plane through top of brow ridge; meridians from thumbs to big toes. Plans reactions.
SURPRISE A primary emotion*; pure FEAR dominating pure HAPPINESS. Startle; vibration dominating lightness. Re-orient in situation that is still ‘systems go’.
Stubbornness. AVOIDANCE, PESSIMISM, SELFISHNESS, IMPATIENCE. Pulling back, digging in, flailing opposition out of the way. Exert yourself against proceeding.
Terror SURPRISE, VIGILANCE, pure FEAR, PAIN, intense pure ANGER. Startled, hotly frozen orienting to unknown danger. Intense danger: freeze!
UNSELFISHNESS A primary emotion*; pure HAPPINESS dominating pure ANGER. Release, let go; lightness dominating tension. No need to keep.
VIGILANCE A primary emotion*; pure FEAR dominating pure SADNESS. Tingling; vibration dominating stillness. Stay alert to all possibilities for problems.
Weakness HELPLESSNESS, PESSIMISM Contracting, resistant. Can’t move.
Whining PAIN, HELPLESSNESS, PESSIMISM, IMPATIENCE, SELFISHNESS. Breaking contracting with resistance, flailing grabbing. Need information, struggling to get it.
Wisdom PATIENCE, HUMILITY, COMPASSION. Waiting, absorbing, win-win manipulation. Perfectly in touch with perfect manipulation of the moment.
Worry VIGILANCE, AVOIDANCE, PESSIMISM, AGGRESSIVENESS, SELFISHNESS. Tingling backing off, resistant, pushing and grabbing in another direction. 1. Active monitoring (e.g. toward toddler by adult.
2. Suspended monitoring (as of love one at a distance, or upcoming situation).

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